The HeroPreneur NVBS cannot take place without the help of these organizations.

HeroZona Foundation

HeroZona Foundation, whose mission is to provide diverse educational programs that impact under-served students and veterans. HeroZona Foundation’s belief is access to quality educational opportunities ensures the investment of every student and Veteran getting to cross the “finish line”. HeroZona Foundation is a 501(c)(3).

Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services

The Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services (ADVS) provides direct services to Veterans through the administration of 19 Veterans Benefits Offices throughout the state – helping Veterans connect with their VA benefits, two skilled-nursing Veterans’ Home facilities in Phoenix and Tucson provide short and long-term care, the original Arizona Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery in Sierra Vista, and two new cemeteries opened in 2016 in Northern Arizona at Camp Navajo and in Southern Arizona in Marana – north of Tucson.

In addition, the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services provides critical, state-wide coordination and technical assistance to services and organizations serving Veterans. This includes activities such as coordinating services across private and public sectors in serving targeted populations such as Veterans experiencing homelessness, and special needs for the growing population of Women Veterans – many of whom are at-risk, as well as building community capacity to address Veteran employment and higher education.

Services provided by the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services were instrumental in connecting Arizona’s over 600,000 Veterans with over $399 million in Compensation, Pension, Educational and Medical benefits, and grants from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs in FY 2017.


VetFran® was founded in 1991 by the late Don Dwyer Sr. – founder of The Dwyer Group, to say “thank you” to our veterans returning from the first Gulf War. After the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the International Franchise Association (IFA) re-launched a campaign to assist U.S. veterans and their families during the difficult time.

VetFran member companies have grown into a large network of over 650 franchise brands that voluntarily offer financial discounts, mentorship, and training for aspiring veteran franchisees and veterans seeking employment. VetFran’s most recent survey shows that over 238,000 veterans and military spouses found opportunities in the franchise industry as either employees or franchise owners. There are over 6,500 veterans that have become franchise business owners since 2011.

As tens of thousands of servicemen and women return from overseas deployments and are discharged from the military, expanded opportunities are needed to ensure veterans and their families can transition into the civilian economy.

The franchise business model provides comprehensive training opportunities, scalability, and the need for operational execution and excellence, offering an ideal career path to enable veterans to become productive participants in the U.S. economy. VetFran supports veterans and their spouses’ ability to access franchise opportunities through education on the franchise industry, financial assistance, and industry mentorship.


Nielsen’s Corporate Supplier Diversity program is committed to increasing our company’s use of services and products provided by certified diverse-owned businesses. This is critical to the overall success of our procurement practices and our role as a corporate citizen. Our initiatives integrate best practices established by supplier diversity advocate organizations and incorporate cost leadership, revenue growth and efforts to foster sustainable diverse spend opportunities throughout the purchasing culture of our company. We expect that any supplier within our supply chain will provide us with innovative business solutions, continuous process improvements, and best-in-class delivery.

Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1948 and incorporated in 1976. It has an established reputation as a leader in setting the pace for business growth in today’s increasingly diversified market. In 1991, programs were established through the non-profit AZHCC Foundation, to support statewide economic and business development efforts and an educational scholarship fund.

The Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s strong efforts to keep member businesses competitive and progressive stems from the many programs it provides, including seminars, marketing consultations, leadership development, and networking opportunities. Over the past decade, the number of Arizona Hispanic-owned businesses has increased significantly to about 50,000 statewide. About 30 percent of the state’s residents are of Hispanic origin. The phenomenal growth in the Latino community is creating a more diverse marketplace. The AZHCC and its members are a vital link to future business relationships with a culturally diverse consumer, workforce and expanding global economy.

Arizona Corporate Council on Veteran Careers

The Arizona Roadmap to Veteran Employment, developed in partnership by the Arizona Department of Veterans Services, Arizona Coalition for Military Families, and many public and private sector partners and shareholders, is a comprehensive statewide effort that focuses on connecting service members, veterans, and their family members to employment opportunities, training, and resources.

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